Emotions in the Dying Sun

July 6, 2008 7:34pm CST
When you look on to a sunset, particularly a majestic one, where the western sky is all lit up with colours and hues, and after a while when the sun has set, they gradually fade and disappear, what sort of emotions arise in your mind? Is it nostalgia? For me, I feel a little sad as that brilliant display of colours didn't last longer. I realize that at the end, we have to let go of everything, how much may we like to cling on to it. But the realization does make me sad. My college days are slipping away, and it's hardly a year left when I'll get into the mundane life with the daily tension and boredom. So, tell me, what thoughts and feelings arise in your mind when you look on to a sunset?
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@lynettebyc (2416)
• China
7 Jul 08
Hello, abhi, i totally agree that in the end we have to let go of everything whether we want it or not. Everything is meaningless. You will miss your college life very much just as i do now. But time will never go back and i can only move on. Good luck
• India
7 Jul 08
Yes, Lynette. Already I'm starting to miss it as my friends are less frequent in the classes and I get to see them less. Let's see how long it takes for me to cope with this grief.
@kiwibee (240)
• New Zealand
7 Jul 08
I feel overawed by the mastery of the Great Artist who designed the clouds, atmosphere, angle of the sun, and so on and so on, so they could all collide in such glorious glamor! It's one more proof that Jehovah God loves us. I mean, a beautiful sunset is so totally unnecessary to life, isn't it. And yet it makes us happy! And hmmm... the sun is not "dying" is it. It's going to sleep for the night :-) And here's a thought. There is one continuous sunset travelling constantly around the earth, because the sun is always setting somewhere!! When we see it, it's "our turn", and we'll have another turn 24 hours later! I don't feel sad when the sunset fades, because I know there are lots more where that one came from. It sounds like you are not looking forward to finishing college and starting "adult life". Hey, it's not that bad! Every stage of life has its beauty and part of the fun is finding the wonder of each particular stage as you reach it. Like, when I had a 9 month old baby, I'd think "oh, this is the perfect age!!". And I'd hear others say "oh, 9 months is an awful age, they are teething, and they won't stay asleep when you want them to..." and whatever age my child would be, it was the same. Others thought that was a "bad" age, but I'd love it! I always thought my kids were "the perfect age" because it was always such fun. Well, now they are late 30's and age is no longer an issue, but I still think they are fun! Hmmmm one qualification. When my youngest daughter was 13-14, she gave me some grief! hahaha.... But that's all in the past and now, she is the kindest, gentlest person I know.
@fwidman (11515)
• United States
7 Jul 08
I feel awestruck by the great artwork that God can do with just so little