Why do we have to work?

@yenwie84 (1345)
July 8, 2008 9:16am CST
What are we work for actually? For money or power or something else? Can someone answer me please? Recently, I am quite fed up with my job,it seems like everyone is fighting for the power. Some people try to step on others in order to get themselves being looked up by the boss. Ahhhhhhh........I really find it hard to accept.I am a very simple person,happy go lucky type. If you want to play dirty tricks, I can but I will ask myself what for I need to do that. I believe what comes around,goes around. I don't want bad things happen to me in the future. Does anyone have similar experience as I am now? How do you feel about this? Do share with me....
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@Wizzywig (7859)
8 Jul 08
Like most people, I have to work to pay the bills but I also work for my pride, independence and sanity! I do my job to the best of my ability and hope that I am of some help to others. There is enough stress in life without power struggles at work IMHO.
• India
8 Jul 08
I am agree with you, many of want to become boss and want to get more money for the position, so if you don't have this aim then you won't get the right goel on time, so you need to have high position for big money earnings, here we are all work for little extra money earnings.
@melo_828 (427)
• Philippines
8 Jul 08
we have to work because we need money. we need money to support ourselves and our family. we have to put up savings for our future. we also need to work in order for us to help our parents who take care of us since our birth and sent us to school to learn. we have to work because we need to...
@jhake1984 (270)
• Philippines
8 Jul 08
We work to survive. We need need income to buy our needs and wants, to support our family, and to help others financially. I am so lucky I've been working with professional people. We don't have to do crazy things like stepping on others just to be recognized by our superiors. We work harmoniously.
@cream97 (29166)
• United States
8 Jul 08
To have money to buy the things we need and want. To pay bills. We also work without knowing it to make someone else filthy rich! We work to save up for a rainy day, to put our kids through college. We also work to have a sense of well being and independency. We work to meet all of our financial goals in life. Some others work just to have something to do, so that they will not be lazy sitting at home. We all work for many reasons.