If you could start the day over knowing what would happen...

July 8, 2008 12:49pm CST
how would you change the day??? Would you change anything??? Say today for instance, knowing how the day would end, what would you change and why?? Me personally, I would have made an effort to do more than I should have. Today I had an appointment with someone about the work that will be commencing next week at our house, I then had a sleep, made some buns and went to the shop and doctors. I then made dinner and sat to watch tv only just coming on the computer now. This is more or less what I do on my day off. What I would have changed is to do more housework and prepare for the work that starts next week. So how about you, what would you change???
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6 Aug 08
Today I have spent chilling and doing housework. It has been pretty productive, and I have got a lot of rest too. I wish I'd gone for a quick walk while it was sunny for an hour. It has gone a bit horrible again! I don't think I'd change anything else, but then as the day has been pretty uneventful there isn't much to want to change.
7 Aug 08
Knowing you if you were to change your day it would probably involve shopping, eating and maybe walking to see Eeyore (unless he knows your coming and legs it acros the field lol) Thanks for commenting x
7 Aug 08
Hehe actually I would change my day by eating more! x
8 Aug 08
You probably eat 15 hours a day anyway, if you eat anymore you will be eating in your sleep!! lol See you on tues, cant wait!!!
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
8 Jul 08
if it was today, probably nothing, but if it was a spring day in 1990, i would avoided the route i took (i was hit by a car that day which of course has affected and is affecting my life right now!)
8 Jul 08
Sorry to hear about the accident and I am sure it would be the biggest thing in life that you would change. Have you had any other days that you would change?? I think there are some things in the day that I might have done differently if I had the knowledge that Ive got now!!! Thank you for your response x
@sunshine4 (8709)
• United States
8 Jul 08
Today I really wouldn't have changed much. I probably wouldn't have eaten what I did for lunch~ because I am stuffed right now and feeling uncomfortable. Other than that it was a good, productive day.