Advice on overprotective parents?

@ocean4 (236)
July 10, 2008 10:30am CST
Well my parents are craaazy over protective. They drive me to and from school and never let me do anything with my friends ouside school. My friends just stopped inviting me to parties and such because my parents never let me go. I tried reasoning with them but they just wont listed to anything! Its their way or nothing!
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• United States
11 Jul 08
If you are, in fact, legally old enough to move out, do so. Frankly, you sound like a high school-aged child; therefore, in that case, you can look forward to spending the next few years with your "overprotective" parents.
@anonymili (3138)
10 Jul 08
To be honest, whilst you live under your parents roof you have to respect their wishes. If you feel they are too strict with you then it's because your friends maybe have too much freedom for their age. I don't know if you are really 21 (as your profile says) but if you're in school I would assume you're much younger than 21? Or are you at college/university? If you're 21 you're considered an adult but at the end of the day either way, your parents have the right to be protective of you and it's because they love you. When I was a teenager my parents were really strict and I used to resent them because my friends were allowed out to parties and allowed to have boyfriends. Now I look back at it years later and remember that those friends of mine who were allowed to have boyfriends all got pregnant or dropped out of full time education quite young to get married and settle down whilst I went on to have a fruitful career, which might not seem like something you want now but it is possible to have a good career and a good marriage / relationship without rushing into it all at a very young age. There will always be parties and a social life but once you're out of full time education and studying you will find out quickly that life is long and you have to work hard to be successful. I hope you don't find my response as patronising - I am only answering from my own experience and from that of friends of mine who also had strict parents - they have all now got successful lives and happy home lives and good social lives - the party animals of our early teens mostly ended up in council houses and pregnant at a very young age.