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July 10, 2008 10:31am CST
Hi, I have joined a Prayer Shawl ministry that my church is doing. We knit ( or crochet) shawls or lap robes for those who are ill or shut in. The ones I knit go to our church's shut ins. It's very rewarding and fun to do use different shawl patterns. I am having trouble doing this one pattern. I keep dropping stitches and with the bulky yarn I am using I can't just take out to the drop stitched and repair it. I have to tear it all out and start over! This is a lace shawl pattern with yarn overs and such, and ssk's so tearing out is the only option! Oh well, I'll get it yet. I decided to do a diagonal shawl where you start with three stitches, knit first, then increase in the first and second to last stitch, then knit across. It's a knit, increase, knit pattern. You just keep doing that until it's as big as you like it. Depending on the size of needles and yarn.
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14 Oct 11
i think it is great that there are people out there willing to knit and help others out i would love to participate in something like that but i just do not have the time to knit on a regualr basis and i also do not knit consistantly because sometimes i find it hard to get myself motivated that is horrable that you keep having to tear it out and start over i hate it when i have to do that because i never was taught how to repair a dropped stitch
@pythia7 (139)
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25 Aug 08
We did a prayer blanket project at our parish and it was great. I wanted as many people to be able to participate so I asked people to make knitted or crocheted 7 X 9 inch pieces in blues, greens, lavenders, purples etc ( to keep it restful looking). and after a couple of months we got together all the squares and made lap robes. We had a couple of volunteers crochet borders around them, had them blessed and distributed them to members who were sick or in nursing homes. It was a great blessing for everyone!
@peavey (16856)
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10 Jul 08
Long time ago, I knit my mother a shawl that was basically your diagonal pattern, but it was lace with leaf designs worked into it. I don't know how I ever managed to get it right, probably couldn't now! Good luck with the lace pattern. I enjoy knitting for others, but have never joined an official ministry doing it.