Fireworks defective at our 4TH celebration..injuries

@raydene (9874)
United States
July 11, 2008 8:53am CST
I haven't yet told you all about my eventful 4TH. This will be in a few sections because there is so much to it. First we had defective fireworks that blew up and injured one firefighter( he was do the fireworks) and 3 watchers. Also blew out a number of car windows. The fireman is still in critical condition.
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@Polly1 (12648)
• United States
11 Jul 08
Thats horrible, fireworks can be so unpredictable. Accidents can and will happen even when things are as safe as can be. My neighbor next door set off over $600 worth of fireworks. He also bought some cookout food for all of us. I did the cooking, I said I would be glad to work for my food. We all had a good night. I was happy for him, he is a guy without much money, he is the one usually watching everyone else set of fireworks. This year he got to be the one everyone watched. The week before he won a bunch of money on a scratch off lottery ticket. That was his way of sharing with all of us.
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@Vladilyich1 (1454)
• Canada
12 Jul 08
This was all over MSNBC and CNN. That's really a shame.
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• Canada
11 Jul 08
YIKES!!! That sounds kinda scary.
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@ElicBxn (60894)
• United States
5 Sep 08
did he recover? are the other people all right - I know - Elic come lately
@Hatley (164469)
• Garden Grove, California
13 Jul 08
hi raydene my goodness what a castastrophe, and a fireman' seriously injured, and three other people. really a bad situation all the way around. not much fun on the fourth for this people . on a much happier note I am remembering one fourth a few years back when the fireworks did not come and they had to send everyone home disappointed, well we had just been to an Angles ballgame andsaw their own fireworks so we went to bed. about four thirty in the morning it sounded likee the whole'town of Tustin had blown up. what happened was the law was they had to dispose of those fireworks and could not keepthem over, so these guys were out there in the field setting off allthese fireworks at the same time. kaboom kaboom ka boom, nobody was hurt but the sound was like a war going on.