HOw much you trust your the other part..

@tnhzone (242)
July 11, 2008 7:42pm CST
Do you trust your lover?how to show that you trust him/her?Do you always give her a report of what you are doing,your location,let him/her check you mail and phone?if you do not do so and she demand for it,does this mean that he/she doesn't trust you?Or that just mean that he/she care for you.I personally think that jealousy will influence a relationship and the trust among each other,do you agree that?
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@Essie119 (673)
• Canada
12 Jul 08
My husband and I trust each other and have no need to check up on what the other is doing. If we're not together, but talking on the phone we may say "Hey babe, what are you up to?" but that is because we are interested in each others lives. While we do most things together we do have diverse interests and wouldn't even consider checking each others phone or internet records or go through each others mail. (It's all bills anyway!)
• United States
12 Jul 08
It really should not matter if your partner goes in your phone or mail if you do not have nothing to hide. If they go in there and there is nothing to see I would think it would create more trust because they have seen with their own eyes that nothing is going on.
@raynejasper (2326)
• Philippines
12 Jul 08
..well, for me, jealousy is normal in a relationship.. however, too much jealousy can have a negative effect in a relationship especially when the other partner starts to doubt his partner.. However, it is within the partners how to take care of their relationship.. Trust is really important.. It would be good to inform your partner of where you are going so that incase you will be needed, atleast your partner know where you are.. if your partner wants to check your mails or phone, just leave it.. anyway, if you have nothing to hide, then there's no reason why you need to worry that your partner will see something in your mail or phone.. For me, doing this doesn't have anything to do with jealousy.. I just don't know how others view it..