Do You Read/ Research a Lot on the Places Where You Are Going to Travel?

Hong Kong
July 11, 2008 9:00pm CST
I understand that if you travel to a new place, you probably would do a lot of studies about the place beforehand. What about if you follow a travel tour? Do you still read/ research about the place you are going to visit? Or do you just not worry about it and leave it all to the tour guide to show you around?
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@MH4444 (2161)
• United States
21 Aug 08
I research. In fact; I now write about it on the net and do reviews for people for pay. It's fun.
@PearlGrace (3172)
• United States
14 Jul 08
Wondericequeen, I consistently study up on the places where we go for vacations. That is because I want to learn as much as I can about the places. Plus, I want to research what is available for us to see and visit, so that we can make selections in advance. It just makes the trip more interesting. In fact, I think the upfront research on a vacation is half the fun of the vacation!
@ltmoon (1008)
• United States
13 Jul 08
Travel is my hobby, I have ventured through over 40 countries. I read about all kinds of different places. Reading about another country's history and culture helps me decide where I want to go next (yeah...I want to everywhere next). I do NOT book packaged tours. In fact I detest package tour groups. However, I will occasionally pick up a guide/driver locally after arriving in country.
@cutieweii (374)
• Malaysia
13 Jul 08
Of course a little research would be helpful even if I'm following the travel tour, at least knowing about the weather so that we know what clothing to bring along. Will need to bring along umbrella if it's raining season, or bring cap if sunny and so forth. Sometimes we need to bring along some snacks like biscuit just in case we can't get use to the food there.. Other than that, I'll only research for places of attractions if only I've got extra time, which I'd not normally have. So, mostly depends on what the tour guide convey. Frankly, it would be best if we can do some preparation beforehand..
@bea_29 (321)
• Philippines
13 Jul 08
for me it is a must to research first for the place before i go with it. i have to know the food and the weather so as to be prepared. even if i go with travel tours i have to check it so that if i have spare time i can go around and discover the place on my own.
@maximax8 (29148)
• United Kingdom
12 Jul 08
I am an independent traveler not a tourist that is a member of a tour group. I usually go to my local library and borrow as many travel guides on the destinations that I plan a trip for. I often choose to buy a copy of the travel guide book that will be most useful for my trip. In the guide I am most interested in accommodation listings, what these are like and how much they cost. I also like to read about sightseeing opportunities and transport links. I hope to go to Canada and I got a travel guide book about this country for my birthday earlier this month. One of the ways I plan this trip is to look at the train systems website. I like to decide what I see rather than be told by a tour guide. Happy traveling.
@makingpots (11922)
• United States
12 Jul 08
Reading about places before we travel there is a bit like a hobby for my husband. He reads up on all sorts of things about the place.... places to eat, stay and visit as well as history about the place. I love it because he is always able to come up with backup plans if any of our plans fall through. He makes our travels a lot more interesting for us.
@Vladilyich1 (1454)
• Canada
12 Jul 08
No question about it! Last year I was in Arkhangel'sk. I read everything I could find about the city, especially where to eat out.
@Ricky007 (512)
12 Jul 08
Oh yes, i usually research alot on the place where i am gonna travel. I think its very important that you about a place where you have to travel. thngs wich are important to know in advance are temperature of the place, culture and availability of accomodation and places to visit there..
@drannhh (15241)
• United States
12 Jul 08
I don't take travel tours, but yes, I do an incredible amount of research before going anywhere. Even for the trips we take back and forth from our summer and winter homes, I have the itinerary all typed out and illustrated with maps and photos of the attractions along the way. I list on there the exact mileage and approximate travel time between the places we are going to stop, whether for the night or a side-trip to shop or even just a lunch break. The internet makes that so easy. I also post pictures I have taken on previous trips all over my itinerary folders. We used to take advantage of the drop-in coupon rates, but lately we've been reserving ahead even though it costs more. Actually, it costs quite a bit more, but it makes check-in a bit easier.
@jenyenh (205)
• Maldives
12 Jul 08
I always research the place where Im going, so I know before hand whats the attraction, the food, shopping areas, etc. Then I can ask the guide when I get there. Normally I dont travel with guided tours only if I dont have the time to roam around and I just wanted to have a quick overview of the place. I prefer to go to local areas and meet the natives and know where they all hang out, not only that you get it cheaper, you will also be educated with their culture...