Should I Care?

United States
July 12, 2008 12:49am CST
Okay, so there is a lady that I've known for about 10 years. We were never really good friends or anything, just had the occasional friendly chat, if that's what you want to call it. Well, the past few years she has tried to cause problems for me. An example of one thing she did is the following, my ex had come over to my house to talk to me about our daughter one day, we were standing out in my front yard talking and this lady drove by. She went home and called my ex's girlfriend and told her that she caught us in bed together. When my ex got home he called me and was furious about all of it and I told him to just calm down that it wasn't any big deal (which for him it was because of his girlfriend and I understood that)but sometimes you have to just let people believe whatever it is that they want to believe. Another time she babysat my kids while my ex helped me move, and then she accused us of messing around whenever he moved me. She even went so far as to confront me about it in front of some people that I work with, I got upset and just said, "Yeah, sure, it happened" just so she'd leave me alone about all of it. I mean it was embarrassing. Well, from what I can tell the girl has a hard time telling the truth and she likes to start trouble. Well, last week she claimed that her boyfriend beat her up and I told someone that it wouldn't surprise me if someone else beat her up and she was just blaming him for it because she just likes to start trouble. Well, that someone I guess went back and told her what I said and now the woman is all pissed off at me. I mean, I let all the stuff she did and said about me go in one ear and out the other. Yeah, it upset me, but I never got all pissy about it or anything. So, I don't think she has any reason to be all pissy to me. I sympathize that she got beat up, don't get me wrong about that, but when people continuously lie about things, it's hard to know when they are really telling the truth, you know? It's kind of like that story, "The Boy Who Cried Wolf". So, what do you think, should I feel bad for saying that I might not believe her? Or should I just say, "Oh, well" and forget about it?
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@lilybug (21148)
• United States
19 Jul 08
I wouldn't care. I would also stay away from her if at all possible. Some people are just not happy unless they can make someone else miserable.