Cannon Vs Nikon...Vs Sony

July 12, 2008 1:10am CST
In my previous discussion i ask for help from our friends here in my lot about which brand would better if i will buy my first professional digital camera. A few days ago i came to talk with a photographer walking around in a cafe where i was hanging around. I told him I was planning to buy a professional digital camera and and i told him my choices ( Cannon and Nikon ). But unfortunately he suggested a new brand, "Sony". At first i did not agree with him in my thoughts for i think Sony cameras are just new but he told that Sony is much better than Cannon or Nikon. So friends i need your help again. Is it Canon? Nikon? or Sony? God Bless You all...
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• Indonesia
14 Jul 08
I'm not prof.. but my suggest,,before you buy maybe you can try at the camera shop.. just take a couple of shoots with that 3 brands--so you can compare which one that you like the most for the result.. personally,,i prefer canon^_^ hope you can decide the best one,and let me know..
@bobmnu (8160)
• United States
13 Jul 08
Sony is combined technology of Konica/Minolta and Sony. I have not used Sony but have used Konica/Minolta and think Canon is far superior to it. I have not used a Nikon.