Help me about this dysmenorrhea!!!

July 12, 2008 2:14am CST
Is every girl experiencing this during thier period? Yes, I am. I really hate it coz it is really painful. I couldn't even work or do my activities properly. It really makes me file an absent during my period. All I have to do is stay in the room and lie down all day long! My friends suggest to take medicine but I am afraid it has side effects coz others claim that when you go for it, there's a possibilty that you will not bear a child,is this true? Some friends also says to lie down and elevate my feet, others says that before my period I have to exercise. I did these things but it's not really working. Is dysmenorrhea normal? Is there a cure for this? I really need help, the pain is really killing me!
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• Philippines
13 Nov 08
have yourself checked by an OB Gyne. This is the mistake I have done. I didn't go to doctor right away when I first have a severe pain.. know I have to undergo a surgery to remove the endometrial cyst in my left ovary. The cyst is almost 6 cm.. It cannot dissolved by medication.. dysmenorrhea is not normal especially when it interferes with your daily activities.. get yourself checked girl before it's too late..
• India
12 Jul 08
Yes dysmenorrhea is noraml though only few women experience it. It is normally seen in working women and the cause is not explained. You can take some analgesics to get rid of pain. They are not harmful to your reproductive life in any way.
• United States
12 Jul 08
i would get checked by a doctor because it could be endometriosis which you might need to have a procedure done.. it can cause heavy and painful periods and if you do not go to the doctor you can become unable to have a child.. you might get put on birth control to lighten your periods and it also helps with cramps.. i used to NEVER have any cramps when i was on birth control and now im stuck in bed some times with them.. im not sure what medication your talking about to say if the rumors are true but i would get checked out by a doc..
• India
12 Jul 08
Hi There are very effective medications that can relieve you from dysmenorrhea. Consult a good doctor and get treated for this. I think that there is cure for dysmenorrhea in alternative medicine like homoeopathy also. It is very common now among girls and if it is unbearable you have to get the advice from a specialist.