Facebook - Time consumer

@ak3600 (50)
July 12, 2008 10:52am CST
Do you guys also believe that facebook is a BIG time consumer? I mean think about it, if you spent the time on mylot that you normally spend on facebook, you would actually be productive, and not just browsing through peoples pages and reading their walls. Plus, the owners of facebook make so much money from its users because of all the ads on the side. I feel as if we, as the users, should receive some of that money. Right now, I am liking mylot A LOT more than facebook. It's fun AND you are productive by being on mylot. What are your thoughts?
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@Ciniful (1589)
• Canada
12 Jul 08
If you spend a lot of time shopping at one store in particular, do you think you should get a share of that stores profits? Probably not. At least, I hope not .. since that would be silly, right? I spend a lot of time shopping at Walmart, but I know I'm not entitled to a portion of their profits. Why is facebook any different? They're a business, just like Walmart. No, users are not entitled to any of the profits. And they don't make as much as you think. A website of that magnitude, with the amount of servers it requires, bandwidth, etc is incredibly expensive to run, and just keeps getting more and more expensive with increased traffic. The wages required to pay their numerous employees on top of it all make it a profitable business, but nowhere near what people seem to think. Regardless, they created a product that works, and they SHOULD benefit from it. Their customers (users) should not. By using facebook, we're benefiting from the product, free of charge, when they could rightly charge a subscription fee, and many would likely pay it. I think that's more than good enough. Why do some people feel the need to get something for nothing, by assuming the company should give you their earnings, on top of the product?