July 12, 2008 2:09pm CST
hello friends i have a system in my house and i want ur openion of which operating system is good is it vista or xp professional gave me ur suggestion
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• Philippines
13 Jul 08
I still prefer Windows XP, it is easy to use and compatible to any software that you might need. First thing I don't like about Vista is, its size can eat a very large amount on your hard disk. Second, it is not yet develop to be compatible to some older softwares.
@spalladino (17924)
• United States
12 Jul 08
I've heard too many people complaining about Vista so personally I woudn't get near that operating sytem until after it's second or third release, when they get all of the bugs out. I use XP but for a long time I hung on to Windows 98 because that was a real workhorse operating system that never gave me any trouble.
@mstriguna (418)
• India
12 Jul 08
I prefer to go for Windows XP as it is much more stabled version of Windows. Vista has a lot of new features and look and feel. Currently I am using it but you dont know when you will stuck here and has a lot of bugs yet to be fixed from Microsoft. XP has a cool look and feel and you will get themes in XP to make it as Windows Vista. Never mind, use always guinine microsoft products to save yourself from cops. Also always go for guinine stable versions. Right now I feel windows XP. Hope this helps you. Triguna M S