Have you ever talked via messages to a family member you have never met??

July 12, 2008 3:48pm CST
Due to facebook and genes reunited I am in contact with some relatives that i have never met. For the first time I am sending messages to one after playing a game of scramble together. Im not quite sure what relation we are to each other but my great-grandmother's brother had a son and this is who Im talking to. Would he like my second or third cousin?? Maybe a uncle or something?? We arent chatting about much, just what we have done today and what we have planned for the night and days approaching!! Its strange to think of him as family as I have never met him or any of his relatives that link us together!!! Bizarre but great!!
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@mccaw8 (22)
• South Africa
22 Jul 08
Yes,i have.As bizzare as it may sound it is possible.One day after rugby practice i found a letter to my dad from sum guy who was claiming to be my dads son...i read it and replied after a few days...my dad was acting all weird during that period of time,as if something was wrong...we kept on communicating for almost 7 weeks,it was eventually confirmed that he is indeed my fathers son,he is one year younger than me...now i have two brothers.But im greatful for him.Nice post
• United States
12 Jul 08
That's phenomenal! No I have never texted a long distance relative that I never met. I suppose it's possible that I do have relatives spread around the country. I think that one of my grand step uncles had a family and moved out west years ago, so I suppose that I have relatives out there. Would be interesting to meet some of them one day!