The Battle of Mylot..1066

@ruby222 (4848)
July 12, 2008 4:57pm CST
The re-enacting of battles have become very popular ,and more and more people are getting dressed up in costume to spend a day acting out a famous battle or a famous day in history.The Saxons,the Danes and the Vikings are among some of them.Re-enactment clothes are now in demand and historical events are being relived throughout the world.Do you do re-enactment?..or have you ever taken part in re-enactment..if you havent ..what battle would you like to be in ?????..and is there a particular person that you would like to be????
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@GreenMoo (11842)
13 Jul 08
My ex does takes part in medieval archery displays using a long bow. I never cease to be impressed how they can shoot arrows for miles with something that I haven't even the strength to pull the string on! Anyway, he also 'fights' on horseback using swords and they really do actually whack each other. Having seen the bruises, which are just from a re-enactment, I'd rather avoid having anything to do with any real battle thanks!!