how is the Opera browser???

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@alcazar (762)
July 13, 2008 6:18am CST
Well...i have heard that it is even better than the Mozilla Firefox which i am currently using....has anyone here used it ..and if yes please give some feed back......
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@Kierstal (143)
• United States
13 Jul 08
I use Opera and FireFox interchangeably. Mostly I stick to FireFox because some websites, such as my bank's online banking service, aren't compatible with Opera. They both have features that I really like; I like FireFox's large plug-in database, and I like Opera's browsing and security features. But both are really nice, and superior in every way to most other browsers, especially Internet Explorer.
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@toogle (344)
• India
13 Jul 08
i used opera browser is really good. opera browser has be changed a lot since i first used. opera team has done a great work to improve the opera browser. latest opera is almost as fast as the firebox browser. i prefer to use firefox browser but in few ways opera is better then firefox. i ways use firefox browser because i love that browser. opera is also as good as firefox. ranking of browser according to me 1. Firefox 2. Opera 3. Safari 4. Internet Explore
• Egypt
13 Jul 08
but i think your list have mistake cuz i think flock is better than fire fox and flock is Mozilla too
@bluespace (132)
• Canada
13 Jul 08
The newest Opera is really good as has a new look and great features!I think it's even faster than FF! It's really a joy to use The only thing i miss are some of the add ons for FF but some of them are to duplicate features already present in Opera! lol Go ahead get Opera i think you'll be pleasantly surprised!Make sure and check out their tutorials if you haven't used it before. Have fun!
@ShepherdSpy (8562)
• Omagh, Northern Ireland
13 Jul 08
I like Opera-(I had it on a Previous Computer,but my Current Dual Core Vista Machine doesn't have the limitations the old one had...!)It's a good lightweight browser if you have an underpowered computer-the only problem is that some sites online are optimised for IE,but I never found any problems with it..It's so lightweight,there's a version for Cellphones-I'm using it on my Samsung,and the Nintendo DS Browser comes with Opera! I'd recommend it,especially when you can get it for Free!