Mobile phone blocked for 15 days

July 13, 2008 10:01am CST
If all the cell phones are blocked for a fortnight (15 days ), Then what will be the rection of the people especially what about U ?
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@goldeneagle (6775)
• United States
13 Jul 08
I would enjoy a nice, quiet 15 days. I wouldn't mind it at all. The only time it would be an inconvenience is if I were away from home, and my friend, who is also a contractor that I do work for from time to time, was trying to call me to tell me that he had something for me to do that was going to make me some money. Even then, it would only be a problem if the job turned out to be something time-sensitive. Other than the fact that a missed call could end up costing me money now and then, I could get by without a cell phone most of the time. I mainly use it for the free nights and weekends offered by my provider. I use those times to make long-distance calls to my family in another state.
@Alnitak (423)
• Italy
13 Jul 08
Hehehe, I'd like to see that :D A jump back in the past to 15 years ago... we were used to live without them, we would survive :D Actually, when I'm going on holiday it's something like that because my phone works only in some parts of the place and it's like I don't have it. I have to say I find it pretty relaxing :D
@snowbitz (487)
• Philippines
13 Jul 08
I would be frustrated.But then again i would think and examine if i had paid my bills already.Since the situation is all cellphone are block i would be afraid because there might be something happening in our country that is very bad and no one is letting others know about it.I would buy lots of food and make a shelter for the family paranoid it may sound but better prepared than never.Check everything