Aquarium: I love fish as pets

@Janeel (19)
United States
July 13, 2008 1:53pm CST
Ever since I was younger and I got my aquarium with my fishes I just fell in love with it. Some people think fish is a boring pet to have but I find it very relaxing to watch swim around and interact with each other. Fish are easy to care for especailly for people with a busy lifestyle. The only thing a fish requires is feeding and cleaning out the tank. Different fishes require different care so it is important you know their specific needs. Are there any fish lovers out there who would like to comment?
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• United States
13 Jul 08
Fish are so cool. I have several tanks in my home ( my husband really would like it if I only had one. lol) I have a 75 gallon tank that I think is too small to hold the four Koi that are swimming happily in the pond for the summer. I am amazed that the local wild life have not manage to catch up to them yet..... Then two 40 gallon tanks that hold various fan tails. My news is a 20 gallon high that I picked up for five bucks at a garage sale. After I have deemed it ready I will probably give in tomy daughters and let them have some pretty guppies.
• United States
18 Jul 08
You're so right. I used to have four tanks (down to one). I have found a lot of stuff for my tank at garage sales. It gives me the chance to change out the scenery alot. I have bought tanks at sales too, I bring them home, clean them up, make sure they are o.k., then usually give them to the smaller kids in the family or to anyone I think wants one. I usually will give a fish or two along with the tank. Love to see the smiles on the kids faces.
• United States
29 Jul 08
It is a great hobby and i have been in this hobby for over 55 years and have only been without a tank a couple of times in my lifetimes (I even managed to have an aquarium in the barrack in the army). I believe that it is a great hobby to get kids interested in because you know what they are doing and it is legal and educational. I woould find my life unfulfilled without an aquarium (or more).
@shedoe (6)
• United States
18 Jul 08
Fish tanks are a wonderful thing. My four year old absolutely loves his/my tank. Just found three new babies in the tank. This is exciting. I think the fish tank is easiest to take care of. As I mentioned a four year old, that means busy by itself. You can clean your tank at nap time, which works out great. But I have also let him help.
@vicky30 (4777)
• India
14 Jul 08
I had fishes in my grand parents place.they were very relaxing to watch.feeding the fish and catching the fish in net used to give me great joy.