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July 13, 2008 2:26pm CST
Well i am about to embark on a new adventure for 13 days down to Miami,to check out the sights since i have never been there it will be interesting to see the diversity of the different cultures all coming together to make up an amazing culmination of sight,sounds,and smell this will surely be fun i will write more on it when i get back on august 1st till then any information anyone has on Miami would be greatly appreciated.....
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13 Jul 08
Miami's a big and diverse place. What most people now think about is South Beach, where the best restaurans, clubs, beaches and sights are. It's extremely crowded, and very expensive. Most of the main part of Miami (downtown) is under construction, but there's an area called Bayside on about 3rd Street and Biscayne Blvd. (US1) that combines shopping, dining, boats, entertainment, and a never-ending source of surprises. There are a couple of great areas that aren't very safe at night, but OK during the day. Both feel as if you'd left the country entirely. First is Little Havana, obviously Cuban. Not many people there speak English, and a lot of the shops, restaurants, etc., are as they were in Cuba. This is an area that goes from elite to slum and back again as you travel Calle Ocho,(S.W. 8th Street). Little Haiti is fascinating, again as if you'd left the country. Shops, restaurants, galleries, etc., are the best of Haiti, and many people can speak heavily accented English. The Design District has wonderful restaurants, clubs and showrooms. It runs about through the lower 40s through the 30s on N.W. 2nd Avenue. If you can take a side-trip to the Florida Keys, you're sure to love it. Take lots of sunscreen and bug repellent. You can also go to the reservations of both the Miccosukee and the Seminole Indians - vey entertaining. They have gambling casinos, too. I could go on a lot longer, but you must be getting bored by now. Stay on your toes; people often try to take advantage of tourists. Under no circumstances ask anyone for directions unless they're in a well-marked police car, and in uniform. If you get lost, keep going until you find and extremely well-lit, extremely public place. We Miamians don't walk around in fear all the time, but it is what it is. Come and have a wonderful time!