I believe in LOVE

@raydene (9874)
United States
July 13, 2008 6:19pm CST
I know that I have been in love with someone that loved me as a friend and I have loved as a friend someone that was in love with me I believe that although the love given isn't the kind I wished for that I will give back what I have. Because in the end you can only give the love that you have to give. Thoughts? xoxoxoxoxoxo
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@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
13 Jul 08
I think love comes in many forms, so as long as both parties is happy with what they have then it is ok, your kind of love could very well last longer than the very love you wished for anyway...any love is lough these days but if you have someone you love that loves you back then you are a millionaire...you are very lucky.
@royal52gens (5380)
• United States
14 Jul 08
Ray, this is like the fourth discussion I responded to like this. Not to complain, but honey, you are making my head hurt. You are making me think too much. LOL Ok, on to this discussion....................you can only give the love that you have to give. True. In turn, you can only receive the love that another bestows upon you.
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
14 Jul 08
Right. I have been in that situation a few times. When I met my now husband, I just wanted to have a good friend to hang out with and talk to. After three years of that, we fell in love and got married. that was the only time in my life that I had met someone who loved me as much as I did them.
@kissie34 (2296)
• Philippines
14 Jul 08
I also experiences loving my best friend but he love only as his younger sister and a very good friend of mine loving me more that as a friend but I love him as a brother.. There are many cases of love either both of you have the same feeling for each other or only one of you who have a feelings.. Sometimes, we are falling in love into someone who is a wrong person, who is in love into someone else, or someone who should not we love.. When we fall in love into someone else, we don't care even we get hurt, we always play and gamble it because that what makes us happy even we know that we are already hurt.. Maybe, love is the most stupid things ever that we can do since we are willing to hurt just to show that we are in love to that someone special..
@chej18 (915)
• United States
13 Jul 08
Hummm That sad but its possible to be inlove w/ our friend because you know him as who he is.And we give our heart for loving someone and no asking for no returning back to that love.We enriched by what we share and enjoying of what we're given to enjoy.I know this is too sad,you loving someone who doesnt love you back and its so confusing and sometimes you asked questions why people loves you and you dont love him and the people you love who doesnt love you.You can learne something though that we cannot control our heart or thier heart we can just only try.