I do not Understand This! Quite mind-boggling really...

@marina321 (4561)
July 13, 2008 7:48pm CST
I started a couple of discussions yesterday about the fact that you seem to get logged out when using myLot and explained this in a couple of discussions with the different scenarios as I experienced them and got little or no response from myLotters.. However, someone started this same discussion today and got over 40 responses as I think they have been on myLot for some time and they have a huge number next to their name and a big fat star 10 and they got numerous responses to their discussions ( they must have a huge following behind them)! Wonder what's the point of starting discussions if people will only reply to those discussions started by people who have a huge number next to their name. Maybe one should reply to as many discussions till they get a huge number next to their name then think of starting discussions that people may reply to?! I am getting the hang of this place as I go along. Now, that's my opinion so do not go shooting me down! I know some people are so defensive of this site and do not want anyone to criticise anything here but it's kinda the truth really. And also when there's change, expect people to give feedback about it, change is good but does not go error free all the time so do not be so quick to dismiss what people are saying about the changes. Also just go to discussions with no responses and see how many newbies are there. On that note, I'll go reply to those actually:)
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@bunnybon7 (37905)
• Holiday, Florida
14 Jul 08
i think its because their email tells them what friends started them. some people have an awful lot of friends. im new also, but i figure the longer im here the more support i'll get.
• Canada
14 Jul 08
That happened to me too. I went to the contact form and complained cause I kept getting logged out. I always go to the newbies too, I'm still fairly new.
@sudalunts (5526)
• United States
14 Jul 08
I know what you mean. I too, can start a discussion and get no responses, and later see someone start the same discussion after I posted mine, and gets many many many responses. I do not know the reasoning behind this, like you said, maybe their friends are responding to their discussion. Even if it is their friends, I still do not get responses from my friends. I have so many discussions with 0 response, that it is crazy. I think I might just respond, rather than open up a discussion and no one looks at it.