My Essay-Writing Experience

July 14, 2008 9:32am CST
After the last class ended, my friend and I looked for the room assigned for the essay writing. My friend also is nominated for the most outstanding student. So we went to the 7th floor and went down to the lower floors until we saw a nominee too and asked him of where was the assigned room. The room assignment was on the 2nd floor. Thankfully we were not late. My name was called first and so was given the first paper. The topic was about the contribution of the school in the peace-building in our place. It was not an easy theme. I had a hard time thinking of what to write. So, I made my draft and started editing it and finalizing it. The instruction was to leave space after every line. I did follow it but there were two instances that I hadn't left one space. I did not erase but I just left it as is. Erasures would make my essay look dirty. I was not the last one in the room left in the room. I was not the first one either to finish it. I am not so confident of my work but I hope and pray that the judges of the essays would understand what I am conveying in my paper.
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