Horror Movie Lover!!! :O =^..^=

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July 15, 2008 3:12am CST
Do you love horror movies? I mean really love horror movies??? If so, let's talk about it! Throw it at me, baby! I can take it! Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves, Slasher Films, Serial Killers, Satanic Ritualistic Themes. You name it.......I love it! One question I haven't been able to answer is why I love horror movies. The answer still elludes me. Who are your favorite directors? I've always loved Wes Craven, Rob Zombie, George Romero, John Carpenter............ I could go on and on and on.........! I remember seeing 'The Attack of The Killer Tomatoes' on my 13th birthday. Back then it was the thing, baby! Now, of course, it would be so silly. I'm sure I would laugh all the way through it if I did see it again! How many of you have ever been to Horrorfest? It's held every November and is sponosored by IFC - The Independent Film Channel. This November will make it my third Horrorfest. It's really great! The initial 3 days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) are when they have a first showing of all the movies (9) and during the week they show reruns for those who couldn't make it during the weekend. To see all the movies usually costs about $75 - $80, but, it's well worth it even when you consider that you may not like ALL the movies. So...........if you want to talk horror please feel free to jump right in! Purrs, Catwoman=^..^= & Mija
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22 Jul 08
Well all I can say is count Me in the I Love Horror Movies. The scarier the better usually for Me anyways. I never heard of or seen the killer tomatoes but it reminds me of the the blob and jaws, when I was young those were a couple of the "scary" movies I ended up seeing and or was allowed to watch. My Mother always said I would get nightmares. That might be true but they aren't from watching scary movies. Although if the movie is really scary I might have some added difficulty falling asleep. But dream of the scary movies isn't a issue for Me. I dream and dream scary but not about movies I seen. I don't know as though I could name a single director of any film. I really enjoyed saw, and 2,3 and 4 of Saw. I do like sci-fi also even if it's not scary so long as it's so full of imagination. Like star treks. Yes I think the movies of old would make me laugh now but then again.... I am still not that old and last I saw Jaws it was pretty realistic for it's "age". Ha Ha. I had never heard of horrorfest but think it sounds great. Maybe I will be able to attend sometime. What I like most about scary movies is when they really do something to make me jump. Why?? I don't know but it sure is a great show then for me. Freddy still scares me to. Not to mention Micheal.
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24 Jul 08
Oh My Gosh.... I never even saw that. The Blair Witch movie. I will have to have My hubby burn it for me if He can. He burns most movies. I will have him check out fearnet.com I seen recently the saw movies back to back 1-4 and they are pretty scary. They usually don't make me jump because of the type of show they are but they are SCARY. I also saw jeepers creepers I think it was. Now that was a 1&2 and they were scary and made me jump a few times. They are scary. and it sure was really gruesome no matter what. Yes do remind me of horrorfest. I would love to check out the "line up". Maybe that is all I am suppose to do with my eyes is watch at home for now. Although seeing double is kinda tough that way. Oh well I do think that my eyes are swelling down a little all the time. God Blesses! Sandy