Would you let someone else breastfeed your baby?

July 15, 2008 8:38pm CST
A friend of mine who is breastfeeding her 3 month old baby is going into hospital for day surgery (and wont be able to breastfeed her baby for 48 hours afterwards so that her breast milk does not contain the anesthetic). She has an aquaintance of hers doing some paid babysitting for the three days she will be away from home. My friend does not have enough frozen expressed breast milk of her own to feed her baby in her absence so she has bought some formula to feed the baby when the frozen milk runs out. The aquaintance was holding the baby and pulled her towards her breast and said to her mum "Its ok, I am sure I have enough milk here for two!" (she is currently breastfeeding her 2.5 year old child). My friend politely told her, no thanks but the aquaintance seemed to get a bit offended. My friend has rang from the hospital to tell me her worries, she thinks that this babysitter might breastfeed her baby anyway! She lives too far for me to go and help out. [b]What do you think, would you have this worry? Would you let someone else breast feed your baby? If yes, have you and why?[/b] If not, what would worry you more, just that it is milk made from someone else or that the baby would suckle on someone elses breast - or more of an emotional reason? (breastfeeding is a very personal connection between mother and child). I am a bit confused and overwelmed by all of this and I can't find a way for me to help - feeling a bit helpless!
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@juhi06 (1850)
• India
16 Jul 08
hi dear well the circumstances only have this kind of situations. and at that time it is not necessary to find out who she is . it is a question of finding out one and feeding the baby which is of utmost importance. without any caste, creed or color. individual reasons and situations may differ and the consequences too . but then no woman can claim any rights or so after feeding the baby for a specific period.
@ShealM (388)
• Canada
20 Jul 08
I run in the AP\NFL (attachment parenting\natural family living) circles online and offline. It is not that unheard of for two mothers to wet nurse between their nursing babies in the communities I am a part of. Wet nursing is actually making a very huge come back in these circles and communities. Would I, most definitely. IF I were still lactating, I would be inclined to say yes to nursing another mother's infant if she asked me to and I would be inclined to let another lactating mother nurse my child if he was still nursing (he's 15 months now, almost 16 months, he weened a month ago). Personally, if I offered and the mother said no I'd respect her feelings on this and leave it be. I wouldn't just assume I could do so without asking her permission first. It's rude and it's wrong to just do it without asking. If she is now uncomfortable with the babysitter, she needs to find a new one if possible or if she can't she should firmly lay out the rules and boundaries to the babysitter.
@baileycows (3669)
• United States
16 Jul 08
I certainly wouldn't allow it either. This is a bond that you have between you and your baby. I would think that it would confuse the baby.
• Malaysia
16 Jul 08
I believe a woman's milk is suitable for all babies. Most women have enough for their own babies only. The main conecern actually is the health aspect of it. I mean the woman is healthy and have no disease. In times of war or famine, you have no choice if the mother do not have milk. You will allow the child to take any milk or face hunger. In normal circumstances, unless I know the woman well, I will not allow that woman to feed my baby.