This Is Totally Unacceptable And I Am Very Angry!!!!!

@Rozie37 (15499)
July 16, 2008 12:39am CST
This is a follow up to the story about the 49 year old lady in a New York emergency room who fell over. By the time someone checked on her an hour later, she was dead. This is cold and totally unacceptable. What has happen to us as a nation when we can walk by a dying person in the emergency room and do nothing to help them. These people deserve timely care just like everyone else. Especially, since a lot of them are not able to speak up for themselves. According to the article, not only are adults left waiting for days at a time, mentally ill children are also left waiting and the parents are complaining, but it does not seem that much is being done about it. This should be totally illegal. I can not believe that hospitals in America, of all places are allowed to get away with this mess. I can see why people practically hate president Bush now. To much B.S. has occured on his watch. He needed to go eight years ago.
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@redkathy (3375)
• United States
16 Jul 08
I saw a clip of this on fox. Horrible!! There were people right in the room with her. They just kept looking at her while she lay on the floor. I didn't see any medical people either. I don't see where the President has anything to do with it. The President doesn't make our laws or even have the final say in most matters. This is about humanity and caring for one another. I keep telling my husband there are two things that everyone could do and most of our problems would be solved. 1-take responsibility for yourself and 2-care about the person next to you. What a world difference it would make if every person did those two things!
@raynejasper (2326)
• Philippines
16 Jul 08
..that's really a very bad act of cruelty.. I hope those who did that would try to rethink and put thier shoes on the shoes of the victim.. what if they are the ones who had been left behind just like the patient.. how would they feel? i just really hope that they would feel guilty of their act and they won't do that thing again..