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July 16, 2008 3:29pm CST
I have to ask the question. being a supernatural fan, i would like to know why other people like it so much and why is it so popular? over to you.
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4 Oct 08
Number One....gorgeous guys playing the leading role. I mean, come on. Everyone wants to have someone good looking on a show before it really catches their eye. Number Two....the writing. Eric Kripke, in my opinion, is one of the best writers on television today, second only to the great Joss Whedon. And Kripke is a huge fan of Whedon's. If you are a big fan of Buffy and Angel as well, then you must have noticed how many Angel/Buffy alumni have guest starred on this show. Amber Benson played a vampire, Julie Benz (Darla) played the sick girl in the episode where Dean was healed and she wasn't, Amy Acker (Fred) played the mother of the little boy who had watched his father drown in the lake and that's just major characters. I'm just wondering why none of the guys from Buffy or Angel have been asked to make an appearance. Maybe they don't want other hot guys taking away from their hot guys. Too bad. I would love to see Nicholas Brendon, James Marsters, J. August Richards or any of the other guys make a guest appearance. And it's not just that he's had a lot of Angel/Buffy alumni on there. There have been several situations that seemed familiar to me. Like the nerdy guys who wanted to be ghostbusters and kept getting in Dean and Sam's way? They remind me of Warren and Jonathan on Buffy. These same geeky guys also said, "WWBD....what would Buffy do?" Dean's hand appearing out of his grave before he pulled himself out was eerily like Buffy's exit from her own grave. And there have been other things that were said that referenced Buffy, however, it's been a while since I watched the older shows so I can't repeat them all. While Kripke's vampires and werewolves are different from Whedon's, they both have the same kind of writing style and that's a big plus with me. I love their imaginations. The chemistry of the two main stars. That is a big plus when watching a television show. If two actors don't like each other, you can usually see it coming across on the screen. Since Jarod and Jensen seem to get along, that shows on the screen as well. I love the family aspect. I love that the two brothers know that their only real weaknesses are each other.
17 Sep 08
The first episode I watched, I didn't like. But once I started to get into the season (I started at 3), I truly enjoyed it. Mainly because I love supernatural type shows anyways. Like someone else said--hotness is a factor. I also think that both actors have great chemistry together. During this summer, I've watched from season one and I have to say that I'm hooked!
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17 Jul 08
I like the show one because I was a big fan of Phantasm and this show kinda reminds me of that. I like the relationship between Sam and Dean the fact that they would and I guess in a since have die for each other. I like how they get away with impersonating officers and the writers I believe do a good job of not letting the story go too overboard. I also liked Jensen Ackles when he was on daytime.
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16 Jul 08
The short answer? Sam and Dean. Are HOT. And they've got such charisma. And when they're together, acting like brothers, they're funny as hell. I watch it pretty much to drool over them and act out naughty scenes in my head. lol. The story is fun too. I love how they address old legends and stuff. Some of the episodes have scared the bajeebers out of me. Hold me, Sam and Dean! I'm scared. lol.