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@arkaf61 (10882)
July 18, 2008 1:35am CST
SOme of you know that we got a dishwasher from this friends. I was so happy because although I do have a built in dishwasher in storage I can't use it until I have a chance to get new cabinets and counters for my kitchen which will be... hmmm.... not soon LOL This one, being portable is just what we needed :) Because of the size we couldn't go there to get it right on the first day. They stored it in their garage until we had the van to pick it up. I was all happy once it arrived until I saw these creepy crawlies. One was inside, another underneath the handle and yet one other in the tube that connects with the water. I panicked! Thankfully - and so far - even living here and hearing people talking about having roaches at home as if it is very natural, I have never had anything more than a spider and some fruit flies. I have never been in a place with roaches and although I have a general idea of how they look, I have never seen one up close. So when I saw those thingies I really had a heart attack. With all the moist areas in my house and all the paper and books, this would be a playground for them. I immediately sprayed the dishwasher and the area around with the only spray I had here which is for flies LOL it was all I had and when I found them it was already almost midnight. This morning I woke up really early and went on a chase to find something to kill roaches. I didn't want just a contact spray that would kill them if I hit them with it, I wanted something more permanent. I had heard of raid baits for roaches but no place had them. Darn I saw millions of different baits for ants but none for roaches which leads me to think that people might be more upset by having ants home than roaches LOL At least that was in my head as I kept looking store after store and found none heheheh I ended up scratching that idea and buy whatever was available. I had no idea of what I should buy so I got basically one of each LOL I got a spray from Johnson's called echo sense indoor pest spray, then I got some powder thing that apparently has diatomaceous earth and one other that seems to have boric acid. I also got those sticky things to see if we had a lot or not. DUring the day I was scared - I know, I know I go camping deal with other bugs with no problem, but think roaches and I get scared LOL I had to cook and do the dishes but I did that all while I kept looking around in case there was one walking around ready to pounce on me. I still had the carcass of one that I killed last night so I could take show hubby. My son went to work with dad today and when they came back he was the first one seeing it " what is a dead earwig doing here? " He asks... Oh ignorance, even my son knows more about bugs than I do LOL "are you sure that is not a roach? " I ask hoping to be wrong. Hubby comes along and looks as well "Yep. This is a earwig." He says. And I slowly and discretely kick the bags with all the roach spray and powders to the corner of the kitchen thinking to myself " Earwigs... and all during this day I've been panicking about roaches!" I know our friends have earwigs in their back yard and front. They sometimes complain about them eating their plants and specially because they often come when they pick up lettuce. SO while they had the dishwasher in the backyard to go into the van some of them decided to hide in there. I feel silly now, but happy that it wasn't roaches of course. I"ll hide the roach killer things somewhere, maybe it will scare any that might decided to explore my house LOL Meanwhile no more earwigs and roach free LOL which mean really happy. WOuld you recognize a roach or would you be silly like me ?
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@gabs8513 (48715)
• United Kingdom
18 Jul 08
Well Twin I am not laughing honestly I am not I would say that I would known it was an earwig lol because I know what they look like I am just imagining you buying all this stuff and running around lol I am sorry Twin but thank you for making me laugh as I needed that Hugs to you
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@GardenGerty (101780)
• United States
18 Jul 08
I grew up with roaches, and I met Water Bugs (super giant roaches) when I moved here to Kansas. The Wal Mart stores carry those roach traps, etc, that you are looking for. The neat trick is it causes a genetic problem so they cannot breed, or they do not produce viable offspring. Keep the boric acid powder, it is effective on most all kinds of bugs, as is diatomaceous earth. I even heard you can get food grade diatomaceous earth and feed it to your animals as a wormer, mixed in their food. I sure do know roaches, and earwigs, which scare me because of their appearance and because of a scary movie with one crawling into someone's brain, when I was much younger. When you pull out your old cabinets, (like when I pull out mine), put boric acid powder under your new flooring, and behind the new cabinets. It is long lasting as a deterrent. We have a water leak and so I am finding roaches. I have some materials to redo the bathroom foor, but hubby is not getting around to it, but that is what I will do then. For now, I have the bait to poison them. And it works really fast.
@arkaf61 (10882)
• Canada
27 Jul 08
Hello my friend :) For some reason I missed your response. I kept both the diatomaceous earth powder and the one with boric acid. Now that I know, when I finally get around redoing our kitchen I will certainly put the powder before the cabinets and everything. I think I have been so lucky so far. I haven't had any of those creepy crawlies in my house or in the apartment we lived before. I think we once killed a centipede in this house, but that was years ago and there was none showing up after that. Occasionally we'll find some small spiders, but I don't panic as much LOL There are two things that need desperately to be done in my house - the kitchen and the bathroom - but I don't think we will be able to do it any time soon. However when we do I will get my powder thingies and go to work LOL
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