July 18, 2008 10:43am CST
What are the benefits of eating Oat meal daily.
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• India
18 Jul 08
Oats contains soluble fibre which helps to lower bad cholesterol and also helps to reduce heart problems. It has a low level of fat. The oats fibre also helps to regulate blood sugar level in diabetic patients.
@Daphers (141)
• Canada
18 Jul 08
It has cancer fighting properties, it lowers cholesterol, and helps prevent heart disease. Wow I should really eat more oatmeal. hehe.
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• United States
18 Jul 08
i only remember the commercials that say it is good for lowering your cholesterol. but i just found it to be a good breakfast. it was my favorite for many years and so easy to make.
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• Philippines
22 Jul 08
ok ill just give you a fast track for OATS, well it's high in fiber mean's it help help promote bowel movement aside from that it has minerals and vitamins, the main thing is to consider the good benefit of oats is it help prevent CA of the intestinal track..