Teach a man how to fish

@kharen (1488)
July 19, 2008 5:24am CST
This is what good priests, cardinals and church/catholic authorities think of for bringing up a good man. My nun teacher in high school told me that when a beggar knocks on the cardinal's window. He doesn't open it and give money or food to the poor because of this belief. "Don't give a man a fish but teach him how to fish". It is a saying that says don't make them live that way. Just waiting for someone to pity them and give something to them for their financial problems. They believe the right thing to do is to teach a man how to work and get a job to support themselves in their daily need not to wait support from other people for them to live. What do you think about this? How about when your country is a place of poverty and joblessness, is this still applicable?
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@Muelitz (1592)
• Canada
19 Jul 08
I agree with them. It is better to help them to get a job instead of giving them alms. If we keep on patronizing them, they will continue to beg and not strive to earn some living. If they continue to beg especially in the streets, they are endangering themselves and the motorists as well. In case they are disabled, they should go to institutions that provide work for people with their condition. For people that would like to help the needy can donate to charitable institutions that help unfortunate ones.
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@kharen (1488)
• Philippines
19 Jul 08
yes,very well said.
@tarachand (3895)
• India
19 Jul 08
No man is his brothers keeper - so the priests are right. As far as the dole is considered, it all depends upon the circumstances, the timing - if a person is dying of hunger, it is sensible to give him/her/it food so that he/she/it is capable and well enough to earn.