Coke or Pepsi?

@desireeo (595)
July 19, 2008 5:57am CST
the battle is still on. i used to be a softdrink addict. i could consume a liter all by myself. loved it with lots of ice till my teeth hurts. i only stopped when i was trying to lose weigth. we all know how heavy softdrinks are when it comes to sugar and carbs and it's not really healthy so people who are on a specific diet avoid softdrinks at all costs. Coke is very big here in the Philippines. well, that's according to my observation. it's only recently that i've taken to drinking Pepsi, but in small amounts and only occasionaly. i've discovered that it actually tastes better than Coke when it's really, really cold. it's not very sweet which makes it appealing to me. but sad to say it's not so good at room temperature. i think that's the reason why Coke is the more popular brand in this country. so, which one does your taste bud prefer?
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• Malaysia
20 Jul 08
coke for me i think. but it doesnt really matter. i can't really tell the difference between the two, i love both! if the place that i go to serve coke then coke it is, if not i'll just order biggie
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@lyzabelle (1668)
• Philippines
19 Jul 08
[b]I love coke i always will. I also drink pepsi i don't mind. They are the same beverage that i grow up with. But same with you i don't drink that much. It's not good for the health. [/b]
@siddiqali (632)
• India
19 Jul 08
I like pepsi but i dont like coke.Its very weak where as pepsi is much stronger soft drink than any other beverage.I like pepsi to a greater extent
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@Wolfechu (1193)
• United States
19 Jul 08
I'm pretty indifferent. They both taste distinctively different, but I'd happily drink either, or pick one on a whim. And then change my preference the next day. I'd also take Dr Pepper/Mr Pibb over either. Or Vault/Mountain Dew.
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@1hopefulman (33872)
• Canada
14 Oct 08
I rarely drink soft drinks but yesterday I had a coke! So I guess it's coke. I think it tastes better. The last time I had a soft drink was maybe years ago. Yep that long. Yesterday was junk day! I do have them once in a while. I'm human!
@austere (2816)
• Philippines
31 Jul 08
I still choose coke over pepsi!! I don’t know!! I just love the sweet refreshing taste of it… and when am eating chicken or pork chop, it’s just not complete meal without coke! I love the sweet, biting taste of coke, i love sweets that’s why coke is more appealing to me. I love the original coke, not coke diet or coke zero, they don’t taste as sweet as the regular one!:)
31 Jul 08
I like both, but I don't drink either very often because they are so bad for you