Gran killed 5 times because of greed!!!

July 19, 2008 7:33am CST
The public saw her a friendly church-goer grandmother who would raise money for charity. But the side of her they didnt see was the taking out life insurance policies before the deaths of four husbands and her eldest son!! 76 year old Betty is now in North Carolina awaiting trial, allegedly hiring a hitman to kill fourth husband Harold in 1986. This has prompted detectives to investigate the other cases. Grandson Jeff told how he may have been her next victim. She apparently suggested taking out a £50,000 policy on him, naming herself as the beneficiary. Full details of all the deaths have yet to emerge but first husband Clarence was found shot near Cleveland, Ohio in 1970, ruled a murder. In 1985 son Gary was found shot in his flat. Betty received £5,000 insurance from his demise which was believed to be suicide. She pocketed at least £10,000 a year later after Mr Gentry was shot. Husband number 5 John was though to have died from blood poisoning in October 2007 which detectives are now investigating. When they married in 1991 John had assets of £150,000 but within 10 years the couple were bankrupt owing more than £103,000 on 443 credits cards. Al Gentry pushed for 22 years for his brother's death to be looked at again says 'You cant trust her, you cant believe a word she says.'
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@gemini_rose (16193)
19 Jul 08
I have been hearing about this story and it is quite scary to think that there are people in the world that are so callous and uncaring of others purely for money gain. 443 credit cards though, thats a whole lot of credit cards!
19 Jul 08
Its amazing at the lengths people will go to get money. I mean she not only killed 4 husbands but her son aswell!! No mother should plan to kill her son for money!! Ive read int eh paper today how someone ran up nearly £30,000 debt after pinching his grandparents ID just to fund his gambling addiction. He had photocopied their passports, open a bank account, used more than 200 cheques and a credit card. How anyone could do this to their grandparents is beyond believe especially when they raised him.