The next season champion,I hope Houston!

July 19, 2008 10:07am CST
Do you think Houston have a big chance to win the next season champion?
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@MoonGypsy (4613)
• United States
3 Jul 09
houston sucks in almost every category. not just in sports.
@Holv03 (535)
• United States
5 Sep 08
The Rockets have a good chance at becoming world champions the only question is could there 2 main players stay healthy if they could they could do alot of damaged but then again is a little tough because the western conference is so loaded and the Lakers could end up going to the finals again and specially if they have a healthy Bynum. As long as T-mac and Yao stay healthy and with the addition of Ron Artest i dont see how this team can't win the whole thing.
• United States
6 Aug 08
Rockets have a great shot at it, but the only way that will be possible is if everyone stays healthy for the entire season and post season. Not going anywhere if someone gets hurt.
@elmiko (6640)
• United States
2 Aug 08
I they can suddenly have an unusual winning streak that they had last season but instead have it next post season I believe its possible. That was wierd but its one of those things where they were in the zone. I can't remember exactly how many they won in a row but I know it was over 20 games.
• China
22 Jul 08
I fundamentally agreed with you for the reason that i am also the fan of Houston. With Yao, McGrady, Scola,Battier and Alston, the starting five may be the most effective and most competitive in the whole NBA. The rookies this year are also very expecting. D.Greene, with 40 pts in the debut of his NBA life, has become the new star of Rockets. Even some experts compared him to the power forward L.Lewis in Magic. Although Yao suffered great injury last season, with what showed above, it is believed that the new season is a hopeful season for Rockets and at least Houston will rank the first four place in west.