Do You Buy Cook eBook?

Hong Kong
July 21, 2008 6:50am CST
I was browsing around somewhere today and found many of the people selling cook ebook. Well, if I want to try new dish, I would search on the internet for free recipes, if I want to collect the recipes “in real”, I would collect cook books instead. It looks like cook ebooks doesn’t interest me very much, how about you?
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@Vladilyich1 (1453)
• Canada
21 Jul 08
About 10 years ago I bought an Indian cookbook as an e-book. It's a little more difficult to use, but I can print off one page at a time.
• Canada
21 Jul 08
A very good point!
@PearlGrace (3172)
• United States
21 Jul 08
I am with you on this one, wondericequeen. I do not think I would purchase a cookbook ebook. I do collect cookbooks and wrote an article about doing that. I often browse recipes on the internet. It's fun and I've come across some really good ones that way.
@gr8life (6253)
• Malaysia
21 Jul 08
Hello wondericequeen, I don't look for recipe online and I seldom buy a cookbook. I always try to learn new recipe from friends or family. I don't really find cook ebook as attractive and something new. Not all the recipes that you can find online are good to try. I mean, not all the time you can be success with your new recipe. I always look for certain chefs whom I know that with one first try, I will be able to cook whatever he taught me in his cook book.
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@egdcltd (6791)
21 Jul 08
I have some ebooks on cooking that I got for free. I do prefer normal, hard copy books, so if I find a recipe I want to use, I'll print it out. I have actually printed out fully some ebooks, although not cooking ones, and had them bound. The main advantage an ebook has is it's easier to search. Just not very easy/comfortable to read.
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@bombshell (11266)
• Germany
16 Sep 08
i love cookng and i dont buy cook book anymore.but since there is internet its easy to find a recipe.
@youless (92268)
• Guangzhou, China
22 Jul 08
I don't buy cooking Ebooks. I like to buy normal cooking books but not for Ebooks. I prefer to search the recipes via the net and print them out. I like free cooking Ebooks only. I love China
• Canada
21 Jul 08
eBooks are a interestig way to buy recipes. Some people find it wasier to just print ou an individual recipe, rather than leafing through an etire book, while they are tryig to ook something. Others prefer o hae the whole book inront of them. To each her own, and it's nice to have the options. I published a cookook of Danish recipes some years ago, and it's in both paperback book and eBook formats.