which do you think will , arrange or love marriage?

July 21, 2008 11:22am CST
In the past, married couple willing to sacrifice everything just to make their marriage work. Nowadays, marriage is considered outdated. Divorce, annulment, legal separation rates are very high. Couples seems not contented or unhappy both with themselves or with their partners. Its true that co-existence with a man and woman is a tough and demanding thing. Arranged marriages can be quite challenging so do solemnized marriages through love. While courting the couple seems to love eveything to each other. but after the knot was tied , everything seems different, the spice seems evaporated in thin air. And will leave two individuals thinking " what did i ever seen in him/her?" While in arrage marriages, they dont know anythng about each other. And probably when u utter the declaration of feelings is out of obligations not because its what ur heart dictates. We also cant deny that there are arrange couple who survive the ups and downs of marriage live. And also couples who still stay together and still uttering the most romatic word " you complete me" so what do you think... love marriage last more than those of arrange marriage"?
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@snowy22315 (45618)
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21 Jul 08
The only person I knew who was in an arraanged marriage was a former boyfriend my of my sisters. They dated for awhile and then he ended up marrying in an arragnged marriage. My sister was very unhappy at the time, but I think she is alot better off with her current husband. I dont think her marrying that guy would have led to happiness. I don't know anything about him now whether he is happy or not. I think he still wanted to see her even after he was married so I dont think the marriage was a love thing for him in any way. Fortunatley my sister did not go to meet him.
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