dvd player is better then cd player

July 22, 2008 2:41am CST
do you beleave that dvd player is better then cd player and what are the difference between this two and what are the advantages in dvd instead of cd player why people like only dvd player
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• India
22 Jul 08
Hi I really don't know the technical difference between the two. In the cd player you can use only the cds, but in a DVD player you can play CDs as well as DVDs. Now the DVDs are more common and it is available every where. I think this is the reason why people like to buy DVD players.
@se7enthbird (8327)
• Philippines
22 Jul 08
yes i do believe. dvd player can play a dvd movie, a cd music and mpc as well. while cd player can only pplay cds. that is music cds only not more than that. it is for listening pleasure only and you can not watch anything from there. not like with dvd you can do almost anything with it. happy posting nasohail
• China
22 Jul 08
I think DVD player is better too , which could play Both CD, VCD, DVD, and give you a clean scene!