Why is it that Grandma's tell children stories of ghosts and spirits?

Ghostly Stories - Stories told to children about ghost and spirits that roam the globe at night fall!
July 22, 2008 8:54pm CST
I had started a topic about darkness and it was revealed that most of us are scared of the dark coz we all have heard stories or tales about the evil powers that lurk in the dark. And most of the mylotters wrote that they were told ghosts stories by their grandmothers and that had the fear lasting fro a really long time. But why is it that young children are told tales about spirits and ghosts? Their minds are so young that they grasp and store all the things told to them for long long time. What is the point of putting fear in childrens mind and heart?
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@dragon54u (31636)
• United States
23 Jul 08
I have never understood that. My grandparents didn't do it but my cousins did and I was scared of so many things because of it! I've never told my children such stories and neither have any of their grandparents, thank goodness. I'd have put a stop to it immediately! Adults can be cruel. They think it's funny to scare children, probably because it was done to them when they were small. I think it's sick and mean.
• India
26 Jul 08
Since my mom was a working lady she had kept a girl to look after me, when mom was at work. Now this girl used to scare me a lot, she used to tel me stories about ghosts and beat me up too!! But i never tols mom about it as i was scared that she would scare the life out of me when mom wouldnt be around. it was only that time that i was scared of spirits but it also gave me a lot of courage later on. Anything that i would see and hear, i was not scared to face it. So basically i scared the ghosts!! I try not to put fear into my son, i dont stop him saying "dont go there there is a ghost in there".