My boss kissed me in my dream!

@gxnfly (1148)
July 22, 2008 9:52pm CST
I had the most weird dream last night.It was so vivid,so fresh that I can still remember it like it did happened.Well,I can't really tell anyone in life about it.So I decide to tell it here. I had a dream about my boss.He was tender in my dream.I did something wrong,and I was quite awkward,I tried to explain it to my boss.Then I noticed his face was moving toward to me,then his lips fell onto my lips,we kissed!That was really weird. I admit I kind of worship my boss,he's like a big brother to me.I had this weir feeling about him I felt like we were connected in blood .But as time goes on,that weird feelisng jut kind of faded away. But last night,I had this weird dream about him.It was sweet!Weird huh? Any way,it's just a dream,it didn't mean anything ,right ?