Travelling is dangerous nowadays-

July 23, 2008 8:58am CST
Traveling has become a little dangerous nowadays. Trains, Aeroplanes, Buses, Cars, Bikes and even cycles. They all have become risky. Daily so many incidents are being heard related to these transport systems and almost all of them are fatal. I really fear traveling nowadays. What do you think? Is it safe or not?
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25 Jul 08
Did you see the incident in the news today with the Australian plane which was flying between London and Melbourne? There was a sudden a hole in the fuselage and they lost pressure and had to make an emergency landing. Fortunately nobody was injured but it must have been very frightening. I don't think I'm too scared to travel though. I enjoy travelling too much.
@heartonfire (4131)
• Denmark
23 Jul 08
I don't think those things just happen in the present,I am sure they happened in the past too,just that the media was not so full of those kind of news... And the designers and engineers and production people are improving the cars and airplanes and all,so they can be safer and more practical.. And you could also be walking on the street and a car loses control and hits you, if that's your luck... i don't think we should give up traveling for that..accidents happen,that is why they are called accidents..