My co-worker meets a frightening freak!!!

@gabbana (1815)
July 23, 2008 11:35am CST
My co-worker, a teacher, fees scared who meets a freak student who worships her so much that he keeps cleaning the blackboard thoroughly for at least 5 times after each class-break without saying a single word. He keeps cleaning the board for over half a year now even after he knew that she's married. But his passion never recedes! My god, who knows how long this will last?
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• United States
23 Jul 08
Since I don't know where in the world you are, I can't address anything but the rules aand customs where I teach. Your friend is not only remiss in not seeing at least a counselor and an administrator so they can give advice or work with that student on appropriate behavior. She might be jeopardizing her life! I've had a few creepy kids over the years, and I usually confront them and talk over the problem, but first I make sure the teachres in rooms around me are on the alert to come to my aid if the student acts out! It's a tough situation, especially for very young teachers, but it is urgent that it be dealt with immediately!