how to live without air-conditioner in summer???

July 24, 2008 1:00am CST
Today is really a horrible day for me because the air-conditioner in our office doesn't work well. It is midsummer now and the temperature is around 35 celsius. During the morning, I can get through by the fan but it is afternoon now and the temperature is even higher. I feel the wind from the fan hot. guys, have you ever sufferred such an terrible experience?? how do you handle it ???
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• Philippines
24 Jul 08
i really find it difficult, but i have done that for a year. since we are just renting a house now, i dont want to install the aircon. we have managed to do it by wearing something cool and drinking cold beverages.
• China
25 Jul 08
yeah, actually, when i was in the dormitories of my middle school and university, no airconditioners either. but i just got through with a small fan. but now i became a office worker and stayed in the office with the aircon running all day, i have got accustomed to this circumstance. so when it was suddenly out of service, i would feel very uncomfortable. anyway, you way is more good for our health.
@SusanLee (1920)
• United States
24 Jul 08
That has to be awful. I can't hardly stand to be hot. I would probably have a bottle of water and give myself a spray every so often.
• China
24 Jul 08
year, good idea. but i was woring at my office so it was not a good manner to spray myself too often.anyway, the hardest time has gone because the airconditioner is ok now