Has love become an addiction?

July 24, 2008 10:12am CST
Is it true love has become a new addiction,is it still the same good fairy story.What do you people think? I still believe in Love.
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• India
24 Jul 08
The innocence of the fairy stories is lost in today's world. Both sexes are now much more flirtatious, with many of them opting for many companions at the same time. Where is the loyalty of yesteryears? Love is now just a game, or like a use-and-throw pen; when you get bored with one, you just go for another. It's disgusting. You may still have faith in love, but I personally don't feel there's much chance for innocent people to truly fall in love and be happy afterwards, because more possibly, his/her partner will give up on the person and leave him/her devastated. Only if you're just as shrewd and cunning a player as the others can you enter this fray of the so-called love and try your hand at cheating others, because that's what this "love" thing has become.
24 Jul 08
Well, love isnt a fairy story.. i completely agree! It all starts out nice and all lovey dovey but then deteriorates... it only lasts till the partner finds someone more interesting! The times are fast and loyalty doesnt seem to exist anymore!
• United States
25 Jul 08
At least it is a good addiction.. I think true love as become addiction.. People that are trying to find their true love has become an addiction... What i wanna say is that there is a perfect out there for someone but there are going to be a few flaws to the love of your life.. like i didn't know my true love was going to be hard headed just like me.. I'm am a very hard headed person and so is my husband.. I didn't know that my true love was going to be just like me.. As i said before not everyone is perfect and so everyone has their imperfection so you can't just throw someone way just because you don't like one thing about them.. you know what i am saying.... Yes i am a firm believer in the topic that love is becoming and addiction it might not be for the same reason as you.. I think that people just need to see the real people out there and not for the flaws..