A follow up to the bat in my house!

United States
@Debs_place (10551)
July 24, 2008 10:17pm CST
My husband, my hero, came home over his lunch and got the bat for me. I can sleep tonight. Thanks to all of you who answered my desperate cry for help! As many of you know I am a compulsive researcher, reader so I decided to do some research should this happen again or to someone else which I sure it will, the summer is still young. I found this website http://www.batconservation.org/content/Batproblems.html#bitbybat which tells all about bat problems and how to deal with them. Here is what it said about my problem and what to do for a flying bat Steps to Follow if a Bat is Flying in Your House Step 1: Assess the situation. Was any one in the house sleeping or do you have children who cannot give an accurate history of events, or a mentally incapacitated or intoxicated individual in the house? Basically is anyone at risk that can not tell you for certain that they were not bit by the bat. If anyone was at risk contact your local health department immediately. Try to capture the bat so it can be tested for rabies. If not, follow steps below. Step 2: Stay calm. The bat is not trying to attack anyone, it is only attempting to find a way out. Turn on some lights in the house so that you can easily see the bat and the bat can see as well. Step 3: Close the doors to adjoining rooms, open the doors and windows in the room the bat is flying around, and if possible, turn on a light outside so the bat can readily see the exit. Step 4: The bat will probably just fly right out the open door or window within a few minutes. You may want to be more direct and use a small mesh net or pillow case to gently catch the bat in flight. If the bat lands and does not fly again, there are other ways to remove it. First, put on a pair of thick leather work gloves, and find a small cardboard box or coffee can. Slowly walk up to the bat and put the container over the bat, slip a piece of cardboard or book behind it and take it outside and let it go. Once again thanks to all of you who tried to give me help!