An Awesome Ant Killer: Dawn Dish Soap

United States
@Pigglies (9346)
July 25, 2008 1:41am CST
I volunteer with wildlife and we use Dawn for everything! Cleaning animal pens, cleaning the animals if they come in with tar on them, and for keeping ants away. I found that this also works at home. I poured Dawn into the holes in my bathroom wall and it killed off the ants. And by putting a line of Dawn down before the ants get to the doorway, I managed to keep the ants in the bathroom only until they all died out. Normally I would just spray them and kill them, but using Dawn was so much easier and then I know my house rabbit is safe too which is a plus. So try it out if you ever need something safe to kill ants and it's a spot where you can feasibly use Dawn.