. What makes you mark negative sign to your friend?

July 25, 2008 6:52am CST
Few days back my rating was eighty nine and in one day came down to eighty one. I was very depressed; I don’t know who did this to me, when I have not rebelled against anyone. I have just loved all my friends, and was kind to one and all. why you mark negative?
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@snakequeen (1300)
• India
25 Jul 08
Only in cases where anyone uses abusive language in response to my discussion, do i mark negative and that has not happened so far! Otherwise, even if their respon ses are indifferent, i never mark negative.
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@baileycows (3669)
• United States
25 Jul 08
I would not do it to one of my friends, but to me not addressing the dicussion and rambling about whatever comes to your mind is a good way for me to mark negative. It needs to pertain to the discussion.
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@subha12 (18453)
• India
29 Jul 08
I think I am the person who is still searching for this answer. i had reputation of 97/100 for a long time and a blue 10 star. i was attacked by trolls and it reduced to 6 just few months back. it really hurts me to see this.
@faith210 (11233)
• Philippines
26 Jul 08
Hi ramyashreesk! Sorry to hear about that my friend! I have not rated anyone negative except for one friend here who have requested me to mark her negative because she was on a mission. I gave in to her request for awhile and marked two of her discussions negative but then I have stopped rating her negative assuming on my part that her mission at that time has ended. But other than that, never rated anyone negative even though their opinions differ from mine. I have always rated everyone positive as long as the comments or responses are not rude and if they are, I just won't rate them at all. But so far, I have been fortunate that most people I have come across here in mylot are very nice and kind, including you dear. Take care and God Bless!
@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
25 Jul 08
That one was probably not on your friend list. It was someone who did not agree with your point of view. For instance, if you said you hate cats, a cat lover might give you a negative, if you say that there is a God, an atheist might give you a negative. In fact, you do not have to start a post saying how much you hate, if you agree with someone they do not agree with, you will get a negative. The other thing is someone posted a money making link with their referral number or id in your post and those under her including her were deleted as well as the ones who gave you pluses.
@GardenGerty (100379)
• United States
25 Jul 08
People will mark you negative if you do not make valid discussions. The discussions like "what is your favorite"? or"Do you like chocolate or vanilla?" or discussions that they do not understand. I do not necessarily mark negative for these, but some people do, because they can get deleted if there is not really something to discuss. I personally only mark negative for two reasons: first reason: copy and paste violations or plagiarism of others work. second reason: people being hateful and hurtful to other people, calling names and making negative remarks. Basically negative remarks deserve negative marks.
@thestar (304)
• Egypt
25 Jul 08
i have given you a positive rate my friend i think you deserve it i checked up your discussions and i think you are a such great person and really deserve positive rate
@academic2 (7010)
• Uganda
25 Jul 08
If the presentations are insensitive to popular feeling, like when someone is abusive or inflexible in his oppinion, not able to accept or accommodate other people's views-I wouldnt hesitate to give a negative rating but luckily I dont do that here-I only rate positively