How Long Do You Recover After a Break-up?

Broken Heart - Time will Heal
@Muelitz (1592)
July 26, 2008 9:34am CST
I have only one relationship with a woman and now I am married to her. I was fortunate to have a successful relationship and I thank God for that. I am just curious how long it would take a person coming from a breakup to recover or move on. It seems that a lot of people takes so much time wallowing in the past relationship instead of getting on with their life. There are others like our nanny in the Philippines, that when she found out that her boyfriend had another girl on the side, decided to cut herself. She was so lost and did not know what to do. I am glad my wife was able to talk to her and convince her that there are a lot of men out there. There are some like my relative which is kind of the opposite. After his break-up he has a new girlfriend in just a couple of weeks. I guess the time heart heals from break-ups really depends on the individuals outlook in life. What do you think?
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26 Jul 08
Hi Muelitz, Some men don't feel a lot of emotions and move on to the next girl or they find another girl quick but its on a rebound to forget their last relationship, but women feels different they feel very emotional and the feel pain of loosing and been rejected by the person they love, I know because I've been there. Tamara
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@nylnemnad (166)
• Philippines
26 Jul 08
i think it really depends on how deep your emotional investment on a certain person. ive been into serious relationship before. we are going together for almost 8 years. many of our friends predicted that we will end up marrying, but it doesnt happen. i found out his cheating on me. it hurts a lot. but i am amazed how i survive it and continued with my life. it took me only 6 months to totally forget him. i mean i forgot the feeling of being head over heels on him. i can still remember the guy but i dont remember the feeling anymore.
• Canada
27 Jul 08
I am in he same position as you are. I have a wonderful relationship with my husband. He was married before, but he is my first loe. I am very lucky to have ound him.
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@littleowl (7157)
27 Jul 08
With me it can take months and has been known 4yrs to get over a break up so am very wary about relationships and don't like rushing into anything-at the moment I have a long distance relationship that suuits me fine your friend littleowl