Is house good doctor?

July 27, 2008 7:53am CST
What do think about dr house,if there is a real character similar to him,do u think he will be good?,i know that dr house is clever but he is arrogant,do u really think that clever one should be arrogant?, i think real "house" ,if there is one,will be looser
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@kaiwah (124)
• Malaysia
1 Aug 08
I love this character as an intelligent and smart doctor yet coupled with his sarcastic behaviour make it so cute and adorable. It is better than other handsome looking doctors who are very dull.
• Egypt
1 Aug 08
But he doesnt hear to others,this may makes him do many mistakes
@zekashis (27)
• Philippines
30 Jul 08
House is a good doctor, but I wouldn't want to get him if I only have a fever or something. He's a diagnostician that you'd only want to meet before your life almost ends. XD
• United States
29 Aug 08
dito when i am really sick i will pick him
• Philippines
21 Feb 09
House is a good DIAGNOSTICIAN, but it takes a lot more than that to become a good DOCTOR. a doctor should be a teacher, a health advocate, and adviser, a manager, and many more. there are many roles that a doctor must play to be a GOOD one. ^_^
@dodo19 (33564)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
9 Nov 08
Despite the fact that he's really arrogant, he's really smart and is a good doctor. It's true he doesn't care about ethics, rules, or even what people think of him, but he mainly wants to be right and solve the cases that he has. And I think that it is this last part that makes him such a good doctor.
@crazydaisy (3899)
• Canada
29 Aug 08
Hi hasaballah. I think if was a Doctor House out there it would be good for everybody. Because we need a doctor like him. no funny bussiness .which is good .don't you agree ??. crazydaisy
• Philippines
19 Aug 08
Hi there. I'm also a fan of House. LOL indeed he is arrogant, but he is brilliant and most people who are brilliant are arrogant. LOL I thinks is part of their territory to be so full of pride and of themselves. Moving on I think he will be a good doctor in terms of making you better, but as a person I doubt it. Doctors need to be people persons as importantly as medical persons. But then again that is why we have nurse so perhaps House is doing alright. Imagine if more doctors were like him, brilliant and arrogant, maybe health care will be a whole lot more chaotic, but it would be funny.
• Malaysia
27 Jul 08
If you ever know such doctor as him, you'll only want to see him if you're dying or you're attracted to an intelligent yet selfish and arrogant guy. In real life, I guess he'll be getting his own stick up his a..