Work related injuries.

July 27, 2008 12:25pm CST
Have you in the past/or recently, been diagnosed with an ailment that has cause you to stop working? I was the victom of an unfortunate accident, when I fell from atop a 20 foot ladder, onto a cold steel floor. I tore my left shoulder's rotator cuff and developed DDD (Degenerative Disk Disorder)in my lower back. This was due to the sudden impact & lying on the cold floor for a long period of time, before being discovered. My doctor says, I cannot lift anything heavier than 7 pounds, and I am on constant pain killers for my back. There is no cure for both of these ailments. My doctor suggested, that it would be best that I do not continue working. My employer had no injury insurance coverage at the time, and there was no union. I am now forced to seek other means of income, which hardly near enough, matches what I was making when I was fully employed. Since then, I have developed C.O.P.D., a condition that's similar to asthma. There is no cure for this disorder either. I am only 56, and have always enjoyed working. I miss it. If similar/or other things have caused you to stop working, how has it affected your life? Do you miss not working? commanderxo
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