If you die, would you still recognize your relatives and friends?

July 28, 2008 3:59am CST
I have attended a burial mass 2 weeks ago and he told us in his homily that life is ephemeral, so while we are still enjoying the life that God has given us, we should cherish every moment and make it worthwhile... It enlightened my mind, because before, I don't want to die, but he made me realize that everybody would experience death and that's something we can't escape. Just wondering... if I die would it still be the same thing as the eternal life. Would I be able to talk with my mom or gossip with my friends? Would they know who I am? Or you don't totally know each other when you die? All I know is that you'll experience neverending happiness and contentment in heaven and you will no longer suffer and experience hunger and pain. What is your idea about this?
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@plb9201 (140)
• United States
1 Sep 08
I truly believe there is an afterlife. Just for a bit of reading, try Sylvia Brown. She and others have helped to renew my spirituality. I believe as they do, that we all return to God and eternity when we die. When we first enter heaven, those you have known on earth will meet you there as you remember them. Once you go through a type of orientation process and realize that heaven was your home from the beginning and earth just a short trip to school to learn and grow, you will then realize something about your family. They were the people you have always known in heaven. Your mom could have been your sister in another life or your grandfather might have been your son. We choose to come to earth to learn and in this we grow and our devotion to God becomes stronger. Perhaps you don't believe in reincarnation, I'm not sure, but have you ever met someone that you feel that you have known all of your life, but here on earth you have never seen them? Or have you been to a place that you, in this lifetime, have never been, but you know things about the place that by all rights you shouldn't know. If we open our hearts and our minds we begin to realize that it doesn't just stop here, we live on. We will meet those we love again. Either in heaven or on Earth. Blessings.... Peggy
@ruperto (1552)
• Philippines
28 Jul 08
I believe we will all be together as one spirit. There is no near or far. There will be no need to see or speak for communications as we know it, will not be relevant. There will be no individual emotions, rather there is soemthing else much better beyond what we can decribe. At least that is how I see it and believe it. It makes me feel hopeful... Cheers :)