Do you check the calorie content of a food item before eating?

@crazy286 (269)
July 29, 2008 3:16am CST
Well, I have started doing that recently when i realized that I have put on weight. I am checking the amount of calories i am taking in and the amount i am spending. my friends think that i have become a health freak and i have gone mad. Did i really go mad? is it very unnatural to do so?
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@roshand8 (1481)
• Sri Lanka
29 Jul 08
No you are not..I f we have a health risk this is the very right thing everyone should do .cheers..
@nupats (3564)
• India
29 Jul 08
i dont really check..but i eat less because i gain weight real is just that you have become is good to take care of yourself...i avoid few tasty things at times like cakes, icecreams, pizza, cheese as they are fattening..basically all tasty things have calories
• Malaysia
29 Jul 08
Hie, I don't do that and this will certainly spoil my appetite to enjoy a meal & in a company of friendsI think one of the reason for a person to calorie count is to suppress their appetite to have more than they suppose to And if one could cut down about 500 calories from their food per day with continuity of exercises, I believe that person would be able to lose some weight in a few months. It is more practical and easier to cut down on the portion of amount of food esp. carbohydrates and fats. Food is to be enjoyed and have fun when enjoying them than being too health conscious until ones get so stressed out. That is crazy and unnatural Cheers,
• China
29 Jul 08
I don't check it. I'm sure that if I don't eat too much, I won't get fat.
@jammyt (2824)
• Philippines
29 Jul 08
When I was in HS, I got so obsessed with this that it pissed my sister so much. LOL! Since we were studying units of measurement, I looked at everything I ate and converted calories.It drove everyone around nuts! I think I got tired of it after about 3 months. I did lose weight though. LOL! I just got tired of calculating.