do you fart in office?

July 30, 2008 4:39am CST
there are shameless fellows who fart without any shame in my office, is it tha they cannot control themselves or do they find any pleasure distrubing others, real jerks
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@Pigglies (9339)
• United States
31 Jul 08
I am polite and hold it in. But some of the guys at my office like to see who can make the loudest, smelliest farts. Some of them even count off before they let it rip.
@penny64 (1106)
• Australia
31 Jul 08
This reminded me of a few years ago. I was working in an office, and a new guy started. I started to get putrid wafts coming into my workstation throughout the day. I didn't really know what to do, and even discussed it with my family. They thought it was probably an occupational health and safety concern, and told me to report it. As it turned out, I didn't need to. My boss was at my desk working with me one afternoon when the smell drifted across us. She looked at me, and I looked back and gestured very slightly towards the offending guy. Unfortunately, it wasn't handled well ... no-one said anything to the guy, but it became a joke amongst top management. I kept getting asked if I had given him charcoal tablets etc etc. In the end, I brought in my own little oil burner, but didn't have to use it because the guy had left. Only then did I find out that everyone around was getting overwhelmed by the disgusting smells. We all knew who it was, but nothing was done about it! I wonder if he is still stinking out offices?
@Kofficup (150)
• Philippines
30 Jul 08
The farts of the President. In the Presidential car there were 6 of us including the driver. The two PSG's, one close-in assistant, driver, me and PGMA. We were approaching the via-duct of the North Luzon Expressway one time for our commitment to visit a province in the North. The PGMA slouched and stretched in her seat while munching something in her mouth. I assumed it was ginger chip or something that will sooth her throat and suspected to be the tummy gas deflator. We were not talking as part of the Protocol. We kept shut while ferrying through the highway. I started to become sleepy but when the President amusingly looked at me and my fellow Presidential staffs and said... President: Did you eat the broiled peanuts earlier guys? Sorry guys, my farts smell bad. We were laughing out loud when we hear her volunteered that she was the person who farted and she laughed with us, too. The protocol was violated because the President ended up sharing her unguarded embarrassing moments that only herself knew that she farts often during meetings but she related it to us with such hearty laughter. She said "I being the President" has a big plus because no one can point fingers on her that her farts smells aweful.
• Philippines
30 Jul 08
hmm,,., what if i do? so nothing will complain?. in the philippines fart means UTOT.. a very bad odor sometimes with matching sound of terror,,, but nothing to worry if u fart in the office as long,, that's no one arounds you...